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Tytus Klepacz o kampanii #KISSaLOT na Facebook Business

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The Sky’s the Limit for Creativity
This year’s Facebook Awards delivered some amazing successes for brands and agencies in Europe and the Middle East. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been exploring what it takes to win a Facebook Award, and how
Facebook is continuing to open up new possibilities for creativity.
Take a look at our interviews with other successful agencies in the region, Leo Burnett Lebanon and LA RED Hamburg.
DDB&tribal Warszawa’s #KISSaLOT campaign for client LOT Polish Airlines allowed the whole world to enjoy a kiss under the mistletoe.
Facebook ads were synchronized in real-time with the location of Polish Airline planes, each carrying mistletoe, letting people know when the time was ripe for a kiss.
The campaign surpassed an initially cautious client’s expectations, reaching an audience around the whole world and proving that on Facebook, creativity knows no bounds.

We caught up with DDB&tribal’s Digital Creative Director, Tytus Klepacz, to hear how Facebook and Instagram are changing the ad industry in Poland.
What does it mean to you as an agency to win a Facebook Award?
In Poland it can be hard to convince clients to try new things. Often they’re reluctant to try an idea until they’ve seen proof that it’s worked for someone else.
Winning this means a lot because it will show our clients that we know how to use Facebook innovatively and will help open their eyes to what’s possible on the platform.
The fact that the Awards jury was made up of the best people in the business makes it even more rewarding for us.
As they say, awards are only worth as much as the juries that give them.
Why does creativity on Facebook and Instagram matter?
On Facebook and Instagram we’ve all got the same tools. The only way to win – to get attention and to sell – is by being creative.
It’s why we see the level of creativity improving every year: because you have to do something different to, and better than, your competition. In a small market like Poland this is perhaps even more essential.

How has the Facebook platform changed the way we create great work?
I remember after the Columbine high school massacre, when a journalist asked Marilyn Manson if there was anything he’d like to tell the town’s young people.
He answered, “I wouldn’t say anything, I’d just listen.” Finally, with Facebook, we have a media that allows us to listen as well as to talk.
For me, the best thing about social media is that it allows you to build a bridge between the brand and real people, to be part of their lives. With people spending so much of their time on Facebook, if they change their lives there there’s a really good chance they’ll change them in the real world too. It feels like we’ve finally found a place where we really can change the world. Facebook is social, and we can use it to change society.
Any advice for brands looking to run Facebook campaigns?
Try to find the people who want to hear you, and then talk to them directly. In traditional media you’re just throwing snowballs into a crowd and hoping to hit someone. In Facebook you can pinpoint exactly who you want to reach.
What are currently the most important ad industry trends in your region?
We’re really focusing on millennials right now. They’re consuming media like no one before. They want to constantly be entertained and they don’t believe commercials. They want entertainment and this is what brands and agencies must give them.

What are you looking forward to about the opportunity to advertise on Instagram, when it arrives later this year?
We’re talking to our clients about Instagram a lot right now. I really like it.
It’s like a comic book: you can really speak to people visually and tell a story about your product through pictures alone.
It feels like the perfect tool for brands in the competition for the attention of millennials. It’s very exciting.




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Brązowy Lew dla DDB&tribal za projekt „Move Update” McDonald’s

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Złoto w konkursie Facebook Awards dla DDB&tribal i projektu „#KISSaLOT – Świat pod jemiołą” dla PLL LOT.

Po raz pierwszy agencja z Polski doceniona w konkursie Facebook Awards.

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